Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bout for a Snickers

I'm waiting for someone to call/come get me and am getting a little anxious; it is already 9:30. But you know, it seems that whenever I really start something, I get interrupted. So I figure by writing a new blog I will undoubtedly be interrupted by the expected call.

The other day, it was Thursday, I was in the library to do some physics homework (I feel nauseous already) and was hungry. So I grabbed a Snickers. Or tried. I swiped my card, pushed D 9 or whatever, and the candy bar fell, only to be stopped by a mysterious, seemingly pointless black THING. I could see my Snickers, resting on top of said black THING. I reached my hand in the vending machine but it was in vain. I pushed the vending machine with all my weight but it was in vain. I almost gave up and walked away from my 90 cent (I just realized my computer has no button for the cent sign) Snickers, but I shoved my hand in there one more time and luckily the black THING was dislodged and I got my much-anticipated candy bar. What a bout. 

Still no call.