Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I miss my cat.
&& I can not get over his good looks.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Different Month Different Year

For 4 + years I've been working towards one goal: pharmacy school.
And now I'm there, and it's half of what I expected. Not to say it's only half as good; there are just aspects of it that I didn't foresee.
Such as....clinical applications. The clinical side of pharmacy does not humor me...I kind of want to be left alone in a lab, or hiking a forest, not counseling people on patient compliance (though I suppose I've begun to do that any way).

I think what I ACTUALLY want to be is a botanist/chemist/biochemist (or a monk). Pharmacy is far more synthetic than desired.

But, I do like it. I look forward to 90% of my classes; and there's biochem, which is just awesome, and compounding lab should be great once we start making lollipops and chapstick.

It's been overwhelming, and the best way to handle the work and the stress is to work out. Running has reclaimed a high spot in my heart and the morning bike ride to class is looked forward to.

Oh, and one of my roommates is also a P1, so she knows what's up. Living with another pharmacy student was undoubtedly one of the best moves I've made recently.

So this is all very fun and interesting...but I also haven't taken a test yet...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beautiful Person with Words as Gorgeous

Fight the corruption
Abduction of morals
  The Russel House squirrels aren't even so greedy.
You need me to concede your conceit,
  I don't think so.
Admit defeat; you are bleak, you are dumb, you speak words with no meaning
No purpose, direction
I'd rather see scheming than indecisive affection
Accept my correction you lexicon lover,
Don't burn worlds with lies and expect me to comply with your fine-lined blueprint of a new sky to hide in.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Midday Prework Ramble

(All I can really think about are rocks)
The sightly curvature
Steel towers
Mechanic bird
Sunken planes in a crystal cove
Underwater abode for fishies
Dipole cities, seaweed summer.

ALAS! She seizes thy memory trap to infuse its gentle pages with stories of a harlot's heart.

Stealthy unrevealing murdoch
You stump the river folk
Bourbon flute to stimulate the yolking
Dignified king of The Rock on the Edge of the World
Heartland and home
Chocolate-lipped chatter not monotone
Don't encase me in a bubble, Houston;
I want to run this river and roam.

Friday, April 10, 2009


We've long know that Facebook facilitates stalking. It is the ultimate creeper's tool. It sucks the real, heard souls out of its users through their very own eyes and fingertips; and what does one get in return? I, 300 friends and the ultimate means for procrastination, read relationships and egocentricity. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bout for a Snickers

I'm waiting for someone to call/come get me and am getting a little anxious; it is already 9:30. But you know, it seems that whenever I really start something, I get interrupted. So I figure by writing a new blog I will undoubtedly be interrupted by the expected call.

The other day, it was Thursday, I was in the library to do some physics homework (I feel nauseous already) and was hungry. So I grabbed a Snickers. Or tried. I swiped my card, pushed D 9 or whatever, and the candy bar fell, only to be stopped by a mysterious, seemingly pointless black THING. I could see my Snickers, resting on top of said black THING. I reached my hand in the vending machine but it was in vain. I pushed the vending machine with all my weight but it was in vain. I almost gave up and walked away from my 90 cent (I just realized my computer has no button for the cent sign) Snickers, but I shoved my hand in there one more time and luckily the black THING was dislodged and I got my much-anticipated candy bar. What a bout. 

Still no call. 

Sunday, February 15, 2009


This past week the weather was beautiful and i was noticeably more productive and happy because of it. My thursdays and fridays rule from the viewpoint of classes so i rode my bike alot and sat in the grass for hours while reading and studying. And then valentine's day was coming up and my interest was in making cards for friends. I was churning out cards like no other. Yet i still feel as though i left alot of people out - i know i left alot of people out. Anyway, moral of the story - i could be a card maker. Yes yes. So could Nell. She was making these detailed, two layer cards when the exact-0 knife went bazerk and sliced her pinky almost to the bone. Then i got to play doctor and realized my clinical anatomy and physiology class has not prepared me to dress wounds.

Anyway, i decorated a cake for my father yesterday. my brothers and mother and i surprised him with it at the contra dance. I think he was genuinely surprised, and i was genuinely surprised, or should i say, impressed by the impeccable timing with which my brothers and i wandered into the building (as everyone was sining "happy birthday"). All in all a success, i'd say.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Counting Carbons... figure out what came from what, where something goes, or what needs to be added. 

Friday, January 30, 2009

To Do:

1. make anatomy study guide
2. send out meeting notes
3. physics homework
4. chemistry homework and reading
5. cut out paper corn dogs, color, glitter, and make a gansta-chain out of them.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Where is my mind

The past two new years I've been in cities other than my hometown with completely random people that I'd just met (besides the single female friend I was flyin' with) and I love it. 

Starting the year off that way is a good sign. 2008 was hands down amazing...I met so many new people, so many fun, cool, exciting people, and I can only hope that this year will be as equally entertaining (and I have no reason to think it shouldn't be). 

If nothing else, this year will be interesting because I'll finally have some concrete direction in my life: I'll either get into pharmacy school and go there, or I'll be denied admittance and change my major to something having to do with chemistry and botany and preserving the natural environment. Either way, I'm stoked. Weeee!

New year's resolution: learn Russian (to assist and encourage future travels).
You know, I never thought it was such a beautiful language, but hearing myself attempt the few words that I have, well, I love the sound of it.