Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wouldn't you agree?

Straight up, hotels rule. My favorite hotel quality is how one always comes back to a clean room even if it was left in a post-apocalyptic type state. And the showers never run out of hot water, that's great.

Today I saw my grandma and aunt and uncle who all reside in the great state of Ohio. I ate a ridiculous amount of food at very odd times and was sitting in my hotel bathroom thinking "new diet: salads and coffee". I'm not counting on any kind of, shall we say, commitment to this way of eating, but I suppose it is something to try. I thoroughly enjoy a good salad and coffee... 

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Going Postal

I absolutely hate the post office. It's not so bad if there's a postal worker to help me, to guide me. But there's sometimes a ridiculous line for that. Then there's the automated machine. You can click buttons and get answers but you can't ask questions. And I am quizzical.

What folder to use? How much is postage? It says scale but I'm not reading a weight...Is my envelope metered or stamped? Metered or stamped?!?

I hate to get so worked up over sending 3 pieces of paper, but unfortunately that trip to the post office could significantly effect the course of my life. 

On the other hand, at least I've finally remembered where the post office IS.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Desumbre 25, Year of our Lord 2008

This Christmas I asked for socks. ASKED FOR SOCKS. I didn't see that coming...unless they were thigh-high fab-style stocks; but alas, I have succumbed to the phenomenon of age. 

I took a lovely bike ride with my brother. It was hard to tell wether it was drizzling or if we were riding in mist. Have you heard of the game Myst? A PC game that came out in the 90's. A real puzzler. I used to watch my Dad play it because the graphics were so great, the landscapes were so beautiful. I still get the urge to watch him play it. I was never any good at it...then again, I was 8 (ish). 

Oh yes, my bike was a Christmas gift. I love it. Can't wait to ride it around town when I'm putting off school work. Many of my cronies have bikes as well so I s'pose I'll get a bike gang going. Create one for the purpose of fear. Violence based. You know, cool hats and jackets and such. 

Exercise reduces my appetite so I was hardly hungry for Christmas dinner, which I was glad about (I do hate to stuff myself silly with refined carbs and fat). So I ate corn and peas and went light on the ham and didn't even have a roll in order to save room for my Nana's apple desert. Success, I'd say. 

I went to my best friend's house that night for s'mores, a sort of tradition with her family. I'm not one for marshmallows, but I do love a classic s'more.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Web Log.

My intention was to re-paint my nails, but some how I got caught up creating a blog.