Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beautiful Person with Words as Gorgeous

Fight the corruption
Abduction of morals
  The Russel House squirrels aren't even so greedy.
You need me to concede your conceit,
  I don't think so.
Admit defeat; you are bleak, you are dumb, you speak words with no meaning
No purpose, direction
I'd rather see scheming than indecisive affection
Accept my correction you lexicon lover,
Don't burn worlds with lies and expect me to comply with your fine-lined blueprint of a new sky to hide in.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Midday Prework Ramble

(All I can really think about are rocks)
The sightly curvature
Steel towers
Mechanic bird
Sunken planes in a crystal cove
Underwater abode for fishies
Dipole cities, seaweed summer.

ALAS! She seizes thy memory trap to infuse its gentle pages with stories of a harlot's heart.

Stealthy unrevealing murdoch
You stump the river folk
Bourbon flute to stimulate the yolking
Dignified king of The Rock on the Edge of the World
Heartland and home
Chocolate-lipped chatter not monotone
Don't encase me in a bubble, Houston;
I want to run this river and roam.