Saturday, September 5, 2009

Different Month Different Year

For 4 + years I've been working towards one goal: pharmacy school.
And now I'm there, and it's half of what I expected. Not to say it's only half as good; there are just aspects of it that I didn't foresee.
Such as....clinical applications. The clinical side of pharmacy does not humor me...I kind of want to be left alone in a lab, or hiking a forest, not counseling people on patient compliance (though I suppose I've begun to do that any way).

I think what I ACTUALLY want to be is a botanist/chemist/biochemist (or a monk). Pharmacy is far more synthetic than desired.

But, I do like it. I look forward to 90% of my classes; and there's biochem, which is just awesome, and compounding lab should be great once we start making lollipops and chapstick.

It's been overwhelming, and the best way to handle the work and the stress is to work out. Running has reclaimed a high spot in my heart and the morning bike ride to class is looked forward to.

Oh, and one of my roommates is also a P1, so she knows what's up. Living with another pharmacy student was undoubtedly one of the best moves I've made recently.

So this is all very fun and interesting...but I also haven't taken a test yet...