Friday, December 26, 2008

Desumbre 25, Year of our Lord 2008

This Christmas I asked for socks. ASKED FOR SOCKS. I didn't see that coming...unless they were thigh-high fab-style stocks; but alas, I have succumbed to the phenomenon of age. 

I took a lovely bike ride with my brother. It was hard to tell wether it was drizzling or if we were riding in mist. Have you heard of the game Myst? A PC game that came out in the 90's. A real puzzler. I used to watch my Dad play it because the graphics were so great, the landscapes were so beautiful. I still get the urge to watch him play it. I was never any good at it...then again, I was 8 (ish). 

Oh yes, my bike was a Christmas gift. I love it. Can't wait to ride it around town when I'm putting off school work. Many of my cronies have bikes as well so I s'pose I'll get a bike gang going. Create one for the purpose of fear. Violence based. You know, cool hats and jackets and such. 

Exercise reduces my appetite so I was hardly hungry for Christmas dinner, which I was glad about (I do hate to stuff myself silly with refined carbs and fat). So I ate corn and peas and went light on the ham and didn't even have a roll in order to save room for my Nana's apple desert. Success, I'd say. 

I went to my best friend's house that night for s'mores, a sort of tradition with her family. I'm not one for marshmallows, but I do love a classic s'more.

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