Sunday, February 15, 2009


This past week the weather was beautiful and i was noticeably more productive and happy because of it. My thursdays and fridays rule from the viewpoint of classes so i rode my bike alot and sat in the grass for hours while reading and studying. And then valentine's day was coming up and my interest was in making cards for friends. I was churning out cards like no other. Yet i still feel as though i left alot of people out - i know i left alot of people out. Anyway, moral of the story - i could be a card maker. Yes yes. So could Nell. She was making these detailed, two layer cards when the exact-0 knife went bazerk and sliced her pinky almost to the bone. Then i got to play doctor and realized my clinical anatomy and physiology class has not prepared me to dress wounds.

Anyway, i decorated a cake for my father yesterday. my brothers and mother and i surprised him with it at the contra dance. I think he was genuinely surprised, and i was genuinely surprised, or should i say, impressed by the impeccable timing with which my brothers and i wandered into the building (as everyone was sining "happy birthday"). All in all a success, i'd say.

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  1. Hi there! Where are pictures of the cards that you made??

    Hope you had great Valentines day!