Monday, February 8, 2010

Eastbound and Up

I don't watch many movies for several reasons:
1 - Time/takes too long...I'm a busy girl.
2 - Attention span: fleeting if movie is pointless/cliche/largely "boy" humor/poorly done. This means many movies people are watching (or the TV is playing) are out.
3 - Money (this pertains mainly to in theatre showings; but alas, I also will not buy cable).
However, last night I could not bring myself to effectively study. So I ate chinese food with my neighbor and watch a movie called Eastern Promises, one of the best movies I've seen in a while. The plot revolves around a dead girl's diary, the Russian mafia in London, and tattoos. 
Though graphic and explicit it was well done and I especially enjoyed the performance of Viggo Mortensen.  
 A younger Viggo.

On the subject of eastern promises, I found out today that my summer community rotation will be carried out in a compounding pharmacy in Charleston! I'm so excited about was my first pick. I love compounding and I love the beach.

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